From buying or selling we can help you get it done at the best price

Our Services

Buyers Agent:

We offer the service to research property on behalf of client to establish the true value of the property.
  • First Time Buyers
  • Investors
  • International Buyers

Vendor Agent:

If you are looking to sell your property we offer advice on the sales process from start to finish.
  • Use one of our agents at a low commission rate
  • We recommend a local agent in your suburb
  • Arrange an Auction and recommend a auctioneer

Sell your own property:

This for a client who may have been though the sales process several times and want to save on costs within the process.
  • In depth training on the sales process from start to finish
  • Recommendations on companies to use for process such as photographers and websites to advertise on.
  • Marketing plan and time frame to work to for the client.
  • Marketing budgeting and advice on where to spend your budget

Assessment of the property in Question:

This is for clients who would detailed information on their own property or property they are looking to buy or both.
  • We research the suburb and local suburbs.
  • We look at the property internally to offer honest feedback on possible home improvements
  • We look at the property externally to test the curb appeal.
  • Assess the facilities of the property for example pool, bbq area, bathrooms

We also offer a referral service to locally based companies that work within the real estate industry.
The service we offer is tailor made to needs of the vendor and the buyer. Our aim is to take the guess work out of the real estate industry and make sure your clients can make an informed decisions when it comes to the sales process.

We like to give the client a guided overview of the whole process.
So look at sales technics and what real estate agents use on the vendor and the buyers so both parties can make a choice without been guided to by the agent.
We look at things like how the property is presented in general and if the vendor has picked the right time to put the property up for sale.
For example does the property need any TLC or dressing for photographs and open homes etc.
We give a more realistic idea of what the property is worth not what anyone would want it to be worth or thinks its worth.
Once the client has had the property assets from top to bottom and given an action plan for marketing and advertising we leave the client to then to make an informed decision on whether the property should go on the market.

Our number one aim is protect your clients and save them as much money in the sales process as possible.

The initial consultation for 30 minutes will be free of charge.
If the client does want to sell the property if we have an agent available the company will only charge a fix rate fee of 1% commission to sell the property.

My real estate advisor pricing

$100 per hour for consultation fee
Full training end to end service advice and sales training on sales process.
Fixed fee of $2500 consultant fee.
If the customer needs more training or cannot sell the property we will sell the property for the client.
If we do not have an agent available to sell the property at that time we will research and find the best agent in the local suburb.
We will then sit down for a meeting with the local agent to discuss the marketing plan for the property.
All the commissions will be negotiated with the local agent and we will give large discount if the client decides to recommend our services to friends or family.
We will ensure the customer is happy with the agent and the marketing plan before they go ahead with the listing the property.

Main services when the client uses our services are as follows.

  • Advise and training on method of sale
  • Time frame to work to for a successful out come
  • Marketing strategies advertising costs
  • Partnering with other business to help advertising their property.
  • Social Media advertising advice and training
  • Comprehensive feed back about the property with suggestions for home improvements
  • Budget planning around the whole process
  • Organising a building and pest inspection
  • Accessing the property age and location and the condition of the property in it’s current state
  • Arrange three valuation from outside agents as well as offer a valuation from the company
  • Explanation on the sales process from start to finish and the importance to keeping to a time frame
  • Open home training and property presentation
  • Advise of latest technology in photography drone use, 3D floor plans, vertical tours, videos
  • Advise on moving to the next property researching the suburb and acting as a buyers agent if needed
  • If the client is looking to build a property we will also look into zoning and grants from the government.
  • Advise on local builders for home improvements and new builds.
  • Advise on commercial leasing if needed by the client.
  • Pool safety certificate
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