2020 Promotion

New Deal for the New Financial Year July 2020

Our first 100 buyers are automatically entered into our new financial year prize draw to have their home paid for! Terms & Conditions apply.

My Real Estate Advisor are giving away three main prizes to be draw throughout the year.

(My Real Estate Advisor who else is going give you better advice on how to get a home for free?)

After the first 25 sales we give away a holiday for one week anywhere in Australia! For family of four.

After 50 sales we give away a Brand New Family Car!

After 100 sales we draw the top price where we payoff one of our buyer’s mortgages on their new Home!


How about those odds 100 to 1 you can win your new home!

Basic terms and conditions for prize draw.

The competition will run from July 1st 2020 to July 1st 2021. As part of the agreement the client will agree to be featured in all advertising if they win a price so social media and tv and radio and any print advertising.

If less than 100 homes are not sold within the 12 months of the competition the next draw will run instead so for example if less than 10 sales we will pay the first year’s mortgage or give $10,000 dollars cash back to the buyer.

There is no age limit or limit to the number of properties bought by the buyers or the number of buyers per property for example if the client is an investment buyer property through a family trust that is a valid entry.

If the client decides to take a cash back off, e.g $10,000 cash back promo they will not be eligible to go into the prize draw because of costs of the overheads of the give a ways.

Each draw will be held on completion on each sale and will be done live on social media with the assistance of a third party who is impartial to unsure the draw is fair.

The buyer must be up to date with their mortgage payments and they will only be entered when the sale goes unconditional and the company has been paid the commission by the developer or builder.

This is a first come first served competition and is based on the first 100 buyers in any state of Australia or if they are an overseas investor.
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